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Incident: Germania A319 at Las Palmas on Jan 14th 2012, landed on wrong runway

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A listener on frequency told The Aviation Herald that the tower controller told the Germania crew an "ear full", the crew responded "sorry" multiple times. Spain's AENA and CIAIAC chose to not respond. (Simon Hradecky/THE AVIATION HERALD)

By Simon Hradecky, created Tuesday, Jan 17th 2012 19:22Z, last updated Tuesday, Jan 17th 2012 22:06Z

A Germania Airbus A319-100, registration D-ASTY performing flight ST-2874 from Cochstedt (Germany) to Las Palmas,CI (Spain), was cleared to land on Las Palmas' Gran Canaria Airport's runway 21R, however aligned with the extended center line of runway 21L during final approach, touched down on runway 21L, rolled out safely as there was no other traffic on the runway and taxied to the apron.

A spokesman for Germania confirmed the incident and said the exact circumstances of the incident are under investigation. The airline takes the incident very serious.

Las Palmas offers an ILS (as well as a VOR and NDB) approach for runway 21R. Instrument approaches to runway 21L are offered via a VOR or NDB approach to runway 21R with a lateral offset only.

GCLP 141600Z 17012KT CAVOK 22/13 Q1018 NOSIG
GCLP 141530Z 17012KT CAVOK 22/13 Q1018 NOSIG
GCLP 141500Z 16012KT CAVOK 22/14 Q1019 NOSIG
GCLP 141430Z 16011KT 100V190 CAVOK 21/14 Q1019 NOSIG
GCLP 141400Z 16010KT 090V170 CAVOK 22/13 Q1019 NOSIG
GCLP 141330Z 15008KT 110V180 CAVOK 22/13 Q1019 NOSIG
GCLP 141300Z 14008KT 060V180 CAVOK 21/13 Q1020 NOSIG
GCLP 141230Z 14007KT 110V170 CAVOK 22/12 Q1020 NOSIG
GCLP 141200Z 15008KT CAVOK 21/13 Q1021 NOSIG

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