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Accidente de un C-17 (Julio 2010)

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A US Air Force accident investigation report released today blames the pilot for a 28 July crash of a Boeing C-17 at Elmendorf AFB that killed all aboard.

The non-identified pilot first ignored stall warnings after banking right "aggressively" within 60sec of takeoff, then responded incorrectly, according to an executive summary of the accident investigation board report.

The co-pilot and safety observer on the flight deck also ignored multiple warnings. All three flight deck crew members and a loadmaster died in the accident.

The board also found the crash was caused by the crew's "channelized attention, overconfidence, expectancy, misplaced motivation, procedural guidance, and programme oversight".

The video released by the USAF shows the aircraft crashed within 1min of takeoff. After executing a sharp left turn, the pilot banked hard to the right at low altitude. The video ends shortly before the crash as the aircraft plunges behind a nearby hill.

The crew was practicing a display routine for the Arctic Thunder air show staged at the based every year in late July or early August.


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