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Se reabrirá mañana el espacio aéreo británico según W.Walsh

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En comunicación interna, British Airways, señala su satisfacción por la apertura mañana miércoles del espacio aéreo británico para la operación aérea. El propio Willie Walsh, que realizó hace un par de días un vuelo de pruebas para ver la repercusión de las cenizas volcánicas, señala que "tenemos amplia experiencia en operar áreas de actividad volcánica", claro está siempre anteponiendo la seguridad del pasaje. Reproducimos la comunicación original en inglés en el cuerpo del artículo.


We are very pleased that the aviation authorities have opened UK airspace to enable us to begin in earnest the task of bringing our stranded customers home.

We appreciate the consideration that the CAA and the Government have given to the evidence and data that we and other airlines have put forward in support of a safe approach to managing the potential risk posed by the volcanic activity in Iceland.

Willie Walsh, chief executive, said: "Safety is always our over-riding priority. We have many years of experience of operating in areas of volcanic activity all around the world".

"On behalf of the tens of thousands of customers stranded around the globe, we are delighted the authorities have paid heed to the arguments we and the industry have put forward."

We will do all we can to bring in as many of the 28 longhaul aircraft as possible we had originally been due to land at Heathrow or Gatwick after 1900 on Tuesday.

However, it is bound to take some considerable time before we can restore our full flying programme. We are reviewing our schedule to see if we can operate some longhaul flights into Heathrow and Gatwick landing between 0500 and 1200 on Wednesday April 21.

At this stage we are looking to operate all longhaul flights departing from Heathrow and Gatwick on Wednesday April 21. This will help to get more aircraft, pilots and cabin crew back who are currently in the UK out to cities around the world to help customers still awaiting a flight.

Even though UK airspace has been re-opened there will be shorthaul cancellations to and from London airports until 1300 UK time.

We continue to work around the clock to see how many flights we can operate in the days ahead to help as many customers as possible reach their final destination.

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