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LIBRO: «La auténtica historia de las bajadas y subidas en la vida de un instructor de vuelo»

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Only the Maker's Name: Compelling Biography Recounts Ups and Downs in the Life of Renowned Flying Instructor, Ray Blyth

Gran Bretaña, 19 de agosto de 2015.- 'Only the Maker's Name' takes readers on a journey from the cobbled streets of Norfolk in the 1930's where a young boy born of a poor family dreamed of nothing but flying, and with incredible odds stacked against him finally brought his dream to fruition. But nothing was ever straight forward or easy for him. His adventures through life were a combination of extremes, tragic, hilarious, and sometimes extremely frightening, a lifetime chock full of adventure. Why did he spend two years in hospital? And how did he manage to defy the odds to restart a career after his surgeon said that he would never be able to fly again? For the first time, Blyth explains all…

An almost fatal air crash put him in hospital for two years. Eventually he recovered and returned to flying. During his forty years as a flying instructor and commercial pilot he experienced several narrow escapes. He also flew as a stunt pilot, and flew one hundred and twenty different types of aeroplane. Finally after a hectic and sometimes amusing career, he retired as Managing Director and Chief Pilot of one of the 'Air Atlantique' group of companies.

«If you want to make it in aviation – one of the world's most unpredictable industries – you have to be 100% committed,» explains Blyth. «I thought my dream was unobtainable but, after throwing myself at it with unwavering determination, it unfolded into a life I wouldn't have swapped for anything in spite of nearly dying in a crash and surviving aviation's frequent downturns, I have enjoyed an incredible career. This is the story.»

Continuing, «These days there's a very sterile path to becoming a pilot and modern training aircraft are very much safer. Back in my day most of the basic training was carried out in open cockpit aeroplanes and engine failures were certainly more frequent. I hope this book delights aviation fans with a true story of what we now call 'THE GOOD OLD DAYS' through to the present time, a true story for everyone not just for aviation enthusiasts.

Blyth has trained literally hundreds of pilots who have gone on to achieve great aviation careers, quite recently two of these gentlemen wrote to the author to express their gratitude.

«The first is P.J. Sellers; a remarkable man who I had the pleasure of carrying out his general flight test in the 1970's. He is now an Astronaut and Deputy Director of sciences and exploration at Goddard flight centre NASA. The second gentleman came to me for his general flying test in 1972. Dave Southwood had a distinguished career in the RAF and civil aviation before taking up the post of instructor at the Empire State Test Pilots School. It's my belief he has flown every British fighter jet out there. Dave also demonstrates the Spitfire, Hurricane and other World War 2 aircraft at many displays. Their recent letters to me are touching to say the very least»

Readers have come out in force with positive reviews. Jean Blundell comments, «This book reveals the fascinating life story of not only a remarkable aviator, but a very warm-blooded human being who faces life full on and is also a true raconteur. It is enjoyable and un-put-downable, even for someone with previously a very limited knowledge of the world of flying. All life stories are different, but this must surely be more diverse than most! Thank-you Ray for sharing it with us.»

Gareth Roberts adds, «Ray is an amazing man who inspired me to be a flying instructor many years after he taught me to fly at the age of 17. In 1989 he also helped me recover from a near fatal flying accident by recounting his experiences of his own crash which is featured in his book. I hold him in the greatest esteem and I am privileged to have known him. His book will be a family heirloom, as my son is also a professional pilot who knows how Ray influenced my life.»

'Only the Maker's Name', from Dolman Scott Ltd, is available now: http://amzn.to/1UnvpHM.

About the Author:

Ray Blyth was born into anything but privilege; leaving home to sweep factory floors, live in shared lodgings and have virtually no possessions. That's until he joined the Armed Forces, undertaking his National Service with the REME.

After leaving the Army, the author became a beverage salesman, slowly rising up the industry's ladder whilst maintaining a burning desire for a career in aviation.

After noticing an advert for unsecured loans for those looking to improve their careers, Blyth wasted no time in finally gripping his flying dream by the horns. He progressed through his private and commercial licenses, before becoming a test examiner for the Civil Aviation Authority and a CFI for a commercial pilot training school.

In 1968, the author narrowly escaped death in a serious aircraft crash, after spending two years in hospital he learned to walk again and with all his qualifications expired and medical certificate expired he was back to square one, and started all over again.

Blyth reinstated his career in 1970, working in a number of chief instructor positions before taking over the running and development of the 'British Schools of Flying'. He later accepted the position of General Manager of 'Fort Belan' and a Directorship with Menai Cruisers Ltd – resulting in the renovation and re-opening of Caernarfon airport. Ray finally retired in 1996 as Managing Director of one of the Air Atlantique group of Companies.

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