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Fatiga(Esto es un carta que he escrito y enviado a algunos ministros de Europa y medios internacionales hoy). Dear sir/madam, I am the husband of a Spanish air traffic controller and a concerned permanent resident within the European Community. I direct this letter to you to attest my bewilderment at the inactivity by the governing body of Europe against the flagrant destruction of a collective agreement by the Spanish Government and its consequential outcomes.

The continual persecution of the Air Traffic Controller Collective by the Minister of Transport and Public Works, Jose Blanco, has put this collective in jeopardy of their constitutional rights. This became more evident after the last decree law passed by the Spanish Government on Friday 3rd of December 2010 and the recent militarisation of all air traffic controllers in Spain. My wife had to sign a letter instructing her that she is now considered military personnel. She now has to work or be imprisoned for up to 8 years. No European citizen should be forced to work coerced or not by the military. Isn´t that slavery?
The latest decree law 13/2010 dated 3rd of December 2010 once again changed the limits of their working hours of 1670 hours per year plus 80 hours overtime by not including the following: hours on-call, training, union hours and sick or maternity leave. This law does not pertain to any other workers in Spain! The Spanish Government has been continually breaking the law since February 5th 2010 by changing the conditions of the collective agreement by decree law at whim. These changes in working conditions are derived from the inept management of AENA (Aeropuertos Españolas y Navegacion Aerea) the air service provider. Some air traffic controllers had finished their yearly quotas of hours, hence a new law had to be improvised to conceal the incompetencies and personnel shortages of AENA. Many unions from Spain and the European Union (see their public declarations attached) have shown their support to the Air Traffic Controllers Union (USCA). Including, ATCEUC who represent 28 independent European Air Traffic Controller trade unions and 13.000 operational Air Traffic Controllers. Additional support has been received from STAVLA (the union for air cabin crews in Spain), CGT and FSAI. All have voiced their concerns of the ability and willingness by an assumed democratic government to crush a collective agreement, their fundamental rights and the risk of safety. With Europe wanting to implement The Single European Sky, Europe can not allow workers´ rights and air safety to be put aside by a government exhibiting totalitarian tendencies. My wife has tried applying for her European license which she is entitled to by European law thus enabling her to resign from AENA and find work in another country.
This has been made impossible by AENA through misinformation and subterfuge. I respectfully ask for your guidance and support to restore my wife´s rights as a citizen of Europe, or at least enable her to obtain her European air traffic control licence which she is by law entitled to, so we can persue our lives in a nation of absolute democracy. I am with-holding my wife´s identity until contacted by yourself personally or somebody from another entity in Europe for fear of her safety and or other repercussions.
Yours sincerely, Aaron Jarman

- Publicidad -spot_img

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