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LIVE: Solar Impulse Airplane – Landing in Nanjing – #RTW Attempt

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Nanjing, CH, 21 de abril de 2015.- Solar Impulse has landed in Nanjing after a 17h flight. Schindler and Sina welcome Si2 in Nanjing, one of the most populated city in China. Bertrand Piccard replaced André Borschberg for this flight as he is recovering in Switzerland from a sickness. The flight went better than expected since Bertrand climbed up to 14,000 feet to avoid turbulences. The MCC had the honor of hosting Christian Masset, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who spoke with Bertrand about #futureisclean. Bertrand was on holding over Nanjing before landing; the Chinese authorities closed the airport letting Bertrand choose the runway most suited for landing. Solar Impulse has completed the segment one! It's strategic location, close to the Pacific ocean, will allow the most thorough preparation before taking off for Hawaii, the most challenging flight since the beginning of the adventure. Don't miss this grand departure!

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