Francisco A. González Redondo hablará hoy en Londres sobre Torres Quevedo y los dirigibles actuales


30/11/2011.- The Club meeting this Wednesday – 30th November – is the last meeting before Christmas. We do not have a meeting in December. This weeks speaker is Prof. Francisco Gonzalez Redondo from Madrid Complutense University. He will talk about "20th Century Airships" and will trace the evolution of them from their beginnings in the mind of a brilliant Spanish engineer, through the British Royal Naval Air Service blimps of the First World War up to the present day. The talk will include videos of Goodyear's 'Spirit of Safety II' flying around Madrid on the same Sunday in June of this year as 'Spirit of Safety I' had the fatal accident in Germany.

The entries on the website "Beer In The Evening" are a little out of date!! The pub changed hands during 2009 and is highly recommended by the London Region Balloon Club. Pub Grub is excellent – come and give it a try.

The Sekforde Arms at 34 Sekforde Street, London, EC1R 0HA provides the venue for our club meetings. Further details on the pub can be found at

Youngs and Bombadier usually on tap. Meetings kick off at around half seven and there is normally a speaker who takes the stand when we have all finished gromfing at around eight to half past. An excellent choice of menu is available until 9 pm.

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